Town of Talking Rock Murals

Talking Rock Mural by Mary Ann Manzel
Mural by local artist, Mary Ann Manzel, assisted by Lynda Cagle and Michael Marchbanks

The train played a vital part in the lives of the residents by providing a source for shipping cotton grown in the community, mail delivery, and travel to other parts of the state. At one time the train came through town four times a day.

The railroad depot was sold to an employee of the railroad for a small amount years ago.

The background, white 2 story house was the home place of J. R. Allen; it is believed that at some point the home was used as a boarding house.

The green 2-story building was purchased by the Hobson Family in 1924 and was operated as a General Store until around 1980. The store is operated today as an antique shop by a daughter of Mr. Hobson, Helen Low. In 1913, a large addition was put on the store and used as a hotel to house traveling sales men.

Trail of Tears Mural on Pavilion at Talking Rock Park

Just for fun! Can you locate the dog and the cat?

The brown l-story building was the home of Virgie Haggood and was referred to by locals as the Hat House, because Mr. Haggood was a milliner (hat maker) by trade.

The white building was built around 1930 and was home to Joe Simmons who raised his family there and operated a small country store.

Not much is known about the tavern. In the late 40’s a chenille bedspread factory was constructed on this site. In the early 50’s, Coke operated a warehouse business from our present day Town Hall which was remodeled in 1998.

The small white building served as the Post Office for many years. It is said that there was a doctor’s office behind the post office.

Above Main Street in the woods, you will find Talking Rock Church, which has an active congregation today.

At the far right you will find Talking Rock School House. It was built in 1877 in Ludville, moved to Talking Rock in 1882 and refurbished by retired teachers with grant funds in 1998.

People in the front row are depictions by the artist, Mary Ann Manzel, of the sheriff, doctor, and others individuals as they may have looked in 1883.

Trail of Tears Mural

The Trail of Tears mural is mounted at the entrance to the Town Park on the side of the pavilion. Local artist Mary Ann Manzel depicts the Cherokee Indians crossing Talking Rock Creek as they traveled in route to Fort Noonan.

Heritage Days Festival is held on the third full weekend in October and is the highlight of the year in Talking Rock. Vendors from around the state join with shop owners for a 2-day festival, that includes food, fun and music.
Admission and parking are free!